What is a Tower Garden & How do I Get One?

I have had a love for gardening my entire life.  Many memories have been made along side my parents and grandmother’s side, eating more than picking vegetables out of the garden.   Denise White recently brought up a point that struck a chord with me.  Six years ago I was partially disabled in a car crash.   I couldn’t walk much those first two years.  I was bored to tears and still tried to plant my garden.  It did not go well.  I was trying to work it the traditional way that I always had and obviously that was much too difficult.  I literally drug myself from one end of a row to the next planting my beloved veggies, but the upkeep was too much.

This tower garden works wonderfully for those who cannot plant a traditional garden anymore.  It is low maintenance, extremely accessible, all while still growing fresh produce.   Read how Denise explains how well this has worked for her busy lifestyle and maybe you’ve just found a way to work it into yours!



Hi all!!  My name is Denise White and I am super excited to share my Tower Garden with you!!!  What in the heck is a Tower Garden, you ask?  A Tower Garden is a hydroponic, vertical growing system that can be used outdoors or indoors to grow many vegetables and herbs.  Each tower is about 5’ tall, 3’ wide and contains spots for 20 plants.  The tower has a reservoir for water at the base, a small, low-wattage, submersible pump in the reservoir that pushes the water to the top of the tower where it cascades down through the inside watering and providing nutrients to each individual plant.


I bought my Tower Garden about 4 years ago.  I used it outside on my deck every Spring/Summer growing season.   I have grown lots of zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce (many varieties), and spices galore!  The third year I bought the grown lights and moved it into my dining room!  Holy WOW!  I love picking spinach and kale out of my dining room to throw in my smoothies or soups or whatever else I want to use it for!  My husband says we could land a plane in the yard with those lights shining out the window, but I adore my Tower Garden indoors as much as I do outdoors!  I love them so much that I recently bought another.  I’ve started my very own Tower Garden family!!!


The amazing thing about the Tower Garden is the fact that there is no dirt, it uses less water than your typical growing methods and fits is such a small area!  You could grow a Tower Garden on your deck, in your house, anywhere you have a 4-5 foot spare space!  It would also be convenient if you are in a position where you struggle to get out into the garden.  Growing your own food is more economical and has more nutrients than the produce you buy at the store.  Tower Gardens are popping up all over the place. Schools, restaurants, airports, and even on rooftop terraces!


I am currently in the process of trying to raise funds to get Tower Gardens in each of my local school districts!  I think introducing our students to fresh produce is a great way to open their minds and their palates to fresh, healthy food.  It’s important that children realize there are growing methods other than just a traditional garden.  Traditional gardens are fantastic, but not always feasible.  Kids that grow their own food are more likely to try eating it.


Stephen Ritz, founder of the Green Bronx Machine and author of The Power of a Plant, asked the following questions, “What if we taught students that they have as much potential as a seed?  That in the right conditions, they can grow something great?  He then went on to create a miraculous turn around in the condition of an inner city school by growing green!  He is my hero!!  I will continue to grow my own produce and work at getting the opportunity into the hands of teachers as long as it takes.


If you are interested in your very own Tower Garden story, my contact information is below!






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