I have HUGE news!!!

What would you say if I told you I finally finished my book?  Finally!   Ten years after our car crash and eight years of writing on and off.   What was my catalyst?   My friend Kim.  Kim passed from cancer late summer and in one of our deep talks to and from chemo, she said, “Just […]

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What have I been up to?

It’s not right to just leave……. I skipped out on you guys since Spring and I apologize for that.  Like many of you, this year of 2020 has not been my best and I have been floundering around, trying to find my way back to……….me.I have basically been in quarantine since January when I had my

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A Community of Faith

Last week I was able to spend a few days on the Illinois-Iowa state border.  The Riverdale and Erie School Districts in Illinois invited me to spend some time with their communities and boy did they leave an impression with me.  A wonderful woman and her daughter viewed my episode on FarmHer on the RFD

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Workshops are coming!

It took a hot minute but I have finished two courses to give my own workshops!Speaking at conferences, I am asked frequently to give workshops.  I’ve given a few, but really feel like pulled them out of my rear even though I researched plenty.  Great reviews, but I like to feel more prepared.  I wish

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