I have HUGE news!!!

What would you say if I told you I finally finished my book?  Finally!   Ten years after our car crash and eight years of writing on and off.   
What was my catalyst?   
My friend Kim.
  Kim passed from cancer late summer and in one of our deep talks to and from chemo, she said, “Just finish the damn book, Carey” .  She brought me back to a place I have been avoiding for a few years.   I didn’t want to go back to that hurtful place and delve through the details of how hurtful this situation has been to myself and my family.  I was in a hurtful place already with her passing and used that to head back in time. 
 We are looking at an April 9th launch date of the e-book and that next Tuesday for the paperback version.  Currently we are editing the story,  creating the book cover, getting the marketing together and it is all going to fast!  I have a fantastic team helping me because what do I know about writing and publishing a book?????   Exactly, nada! 
 After my first meeting with my editor, it was engaging how she viewed the message of my story.  She said, ” Carey, I love how you didn’t view your situation as glass half full or glass half empty, but maybe you just need a new damn glass!”  Interesting, right?    I didn’t intentionally write it that was nor think about that being my mindset, but I feel I will learn all kinds of things from those that read this true story!   I can’t wait to hear what message YOU hear!   
Some of you are friends, some family and some of you connected through my speaking engagements. 
  Come connect with me on any of my social media outlets so I can take you through this book process with me.  I will be asking for your feedback!

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