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HI, my name is Denise White. I am 46 years old. I am a wife, a daughter, an employee, a runner, a traveler, a reader, a gardener, a certified health coach, an entrepreneur, I’ve raised two fantastic daughters, helped raise a wonderful son and I am on a mission!

I am on a mission to create a healthy living revolution so that our country can Take Healthy Back! I have not always been on this mission. I grew up eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). I mostly raised my children on the same diet. About 16 years ago, I was introduced to JuicePlus+. I have been on JuicePlus + for most of the 16 years since then. I did not realize it was going to set me on a mission until I re-joined the company two years ago, not only as a customer, but also as a representative.

As a representative I have learned a lot more about the product I had been taking all those years. I knew that during those years my family was healthier, but just thought it was because I was taking those “vitamins”. Since then, I have learned that those “vitamins” aren’t vitamins at all, but are whole food nutrition. What that means is that my JuicePlus+ is actually powdered fruits and vegetables in a capsule or a gummy. I’ve also learned WHY that is so important. Vitamins are made in a factory one element at a time based on whatever the company wants to put in them with no FDA regulation. JuicePlus+ is actually produce picked at the peak of ripeness, juiced and dried right there on the farm.

They are then sent to the packaging facility to be blended and packaged for shipment. The antioxidants and phytonutrients in JuicePlus+ come straight from the produce. This is why JuicePlus+ is allowed to have a nutritional label and not a supplement label. It is whole food nutrition.

As my interest in my health grew in this process, I learned that the company encourages so much more than just taking your capsules. The company sponsors a Children’s Health Study that gives one free child’s order for every adult order that is placed. The child must be aged 4-undergraduate in college. There are also programs in place to help customers improve their eating habits by doing a Shred10 within a supportive community each month or by joining the Healthy Living community on Facebook. There are free resources available such as E-Cookbooks and print-outs on healthy living for children. Individual JuicePlus+ teams may do events in your community such as Salad in a Jar parties, walking groups, smoothie nights or Kombucha training.

Within my own family I have experienced improved immunity, disappearance of allergies, improved skin condition, 13 years of perfect attendance by my youngest daughter and improved numbers in yearly bloodwork. Who wouldn’t be excited about that???

Why is it important to me that people join the mission to take healthy back? It’s our children! They are eating so much processed food that is destroying their health. They don’t know any better. It is up to us to show them a better way. Children today are becoming more obese, getting more childhood diseases, such as cancer, and children as young as 8 are being placed on medicines for high cholesterol. We should ALL find this unacceptable. Processed food is killing our families. The best thing parents can do for their children is to learn what they are feeding them. Cut out the ingredients that you don’t recognize. Eat food that doesn’t come in a package! Drink water, not sugary soda and juices.

Four of the healthy living components that JuicePlus+ encourages are 1) Eat real food 2) Drink Water 3) Move More and 4) Sleep 7-8 hours. Just working on one of these at a time can lead you to a better, healthier life. If you are like me, making those simple changes could lead you to a life you never knew you could have! Making these healthy changes have taken me from unhealthy, fat-filled meals followed by a night on the couch watching TV to someone that eats a healthy vegetable and fruit filled dinner with exercise all throughout the day. I sleep better, I exercise better, I am happier, I earned a health coaching certificate and I hope it ends with a healthier aging process than I might have otherwise had! Don’t you want that for you and your family?

I will leave you with a quote from Dr. Paul Stricker, MD, FAAP Sports Medicine Pediatrician and Olympic physician originally from St. James, MO in his book Sports Success Rx!, “Of the various encapsulated food products available, the one I happen to recommend to my patients and athletes is JuicePlus+ because of its extensive independent medical research.

If you want to talk more about any of these, please reach out to me!


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