Alaina Winch will motivate YOU!

alainaEach one of us looks to others for motivation of some sort.  When you can find one person who can motivate you in many aspects of your life, you’ve got yourself a winner.  I have one such individual that I would like to introduce to you.  Alaina Winch surprised me when she decided to attend college for nutrition and fitness.   I had no idea she was that interested.  She is my cousin, but ten years younger than I and I guess our conversation never turned to her aspirations in life.

I follow many who help keep me motivated physically.  I need this due to the pain my arthritis causes and if I want to continue to walk, keeping some muscle tone is essential.  Although I’ve always seen her healthy life style, this past year has been remarkable to watch.  She is one person that I have followed who has been consistent in her personal goals while motivating others as well.  You can see her focus on a daily basis and her results have proven that consistency is key!   She has transformed herself physically but what I’ve noticed just as much is her mental, emotional and spiritual transformation as well.  I asked her to write a guest blog for me to allow the rest of us to understand her desire to help herself as well as others.


Alaina wrote: My Path to Purpose

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