I have had a love for gardening my entire life.  Many memories have been made along side my parents and grandmother’s side, eating more than picking vegetables out of the garden.   Denise White recently brought up a point that struck a chord with me.  Six years ago I was […]

What is a Tower Garden & How do I Get ...

The big question I am receiving is, Why? Opportunity. I had stopped looking for any kind of traditional work.  Trying to re-enter careers that I had previously been employed, did not work due to my physical injuries.  Along with the fact that  I have had twelve surgeries in the last […]

Carey Portell Farm Bureau LSA

Are you curious about the Keto lifestyle, but aren’t really sure what that actually means? You are not alone.  There are many of us who do not fully understand how to achieve this lifestyle, much less what the list of benefits are.  There has been enough buzz around that we […]

The BRIGHT Way to Keto

Recently completing a fifth surgery on my right ankle, I was in a lower leg cast and non weight bearing.  I want you to know that before I begin this story. Three weeks ago on a Sunday morning my husband says something as he closes our bedroom door.  I said something back […]

High and Tight

The wheelchair.   Friend and foe. Initially when a wheelchair was presented to me when leaving the hospital for the first time after our crash I had no feelings about it, but as I began to slowly recover odd emotions washed over me. I felt okay using it in my home […]

Battle of the Pancake Butt

I Love, love LOVE Pinterest!   Forget surfing Safari, I go to Pinterest to find almost everything these days, especially DIY projects.   Now I love DIY, as long as it is pretty close to the original version.  Recently I have been hooked on beauty DIY and I have found some projects […]

Do you love DIY Beauty?