Carey Portell Farm Bureau LSA 4

The big question I am receiving is, Why?


I had stopped looking for any kind of traditional work.  Trying to re-enter careers that I had previously been employed, did not work due to my physical injuries.  Along with the fact that  I have had twelve surgeries in the last six years did not help my good intentions.

I have debated on whether to add this next part.  I’ve discussed my grievances with a few of you who are close enough to me about it, but nothing public.  Being forced to collect disability has been quite humbling.  Yes, I realize that I did not do this to myself and I also know I have done everything to better my situation.  There has been nothing financially that I have been able to contribute in the past six years except more medical costs.  Collecting disability has not set well with me and working as self employed farmer, even though it has been extremely satisfying and has contributed to my recovery, has not paid in dollars.

Receiving the call left me a little shocked.  Me?  Selling insurance?   What do I know about insurance?  The last three weeks have taught me that I know very little, but I am learning.  Taking two weeks to ask questions, think hard about it and ensuring this company understood my physical conditions, and not being one to spit opportunity in the face, I accepted.

My one question that I needed to receive the right answer was, “Will I still be able to speak?”.  If the answer had been, no,  I would have really had to sit down and think even harder.  I must share and encourage others with my journey and Farm Bureau has encouraged me to continue doing just that.  Mo Farm Bureau has been good to our family, especially after our crash.  I feel our union  will be beneficial to us both. 

As for my farming, I cannot give that up either.  This last surgery has helped me immensely, (along with the handful of supplements I take each day for energy), but I have been pushing too hard.   I pushed too hard because I enjoyed what it did for me mentally and how it makes my heart feel.  I will care take our home farm, which makes more sense because this one is set up specifically for me anyway by AgrAbility and Rolla Vocational Rehab.  My special gates are here, my Ranger and the safety precautions we have put in place.

As with each career I have partaken in, my goal is always to help another,  to somehow leave them feeling better.  This occupation will be no different, I hope I will be able to do this for you.   Now please do not dodge me!  I promise I will not try to sell you something every time we see each other.  I enjoy you and your company!   If I cannot help you the way you desire, I will try harder in the future, but we will remain friends whether I am your insurance rep or not.  You have no choice. (wink)

My husband left this choice solely up to me.  He is amazing like that.  As our family grows and graduates high school, they do not need me the way they have needed me the past six years.  They have helped, encouraged and pushed me to go beyond just surviving, to the point that I feel I am now thriving.   Life has not been what we thought it was going to be,

It has been better.


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