Recently completing a fifth surgery on my right ankle, I was in a lower leg cast and non weight bearing.  I want you to know that before I begin this story. Three weeks ago on a Sunday morning my husband says something as he closes our bedroom door.  I said something back […]

High and Tight

The wheelchair.   Friend and foe. Initially when a wheelchair was presented to me when leaving the hospital for the first time after our crash I had no feelings about it, but as I began to slowly recover odd emotions washed over me. I felt okay using it in my home […]

Battle of the Pancake Butt

I Love, love LOVE Pinterest!   Forget surfing Safari, I go to Pinterest to find almost everything these days, especially DIY projects.   Now I love DIY, as long as it is pretty close to the original version.  Recently I have been hooked on beauty DIY and I have found some projects […]

Do you love DIY Beauty?

I am constantly learning lessons through out my day.  It has taught me to listen to my instincts, stop and realize what the lesson is and most of all, be grateful for it. Two weeks ago, on a Monday morning, one such lesson showed itself to me on a familiar […]

Two Aunts and a Bracelet

Each one of us looks to others for motivation of some sort.  When you can find one person who can motivate you in many aspects of your life, you’ve got yourself a winner.  I have one such individual that I would like to introduce to you.  Alaina Winch surprised me […]

Alaina Winch will motivate YOU!

     Hello to All!We have moved our Stronger than Yesterday blog over to Word Press.  Our new address is We have a full website that includes our Inspirational Speaking and blog pages all on one site...

Stronger than Yesterday has MOVED!